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partes qiice in aqua fuerunt lenitcr perfricare ex oleo, cui vinum et

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In this view the following communication is drawn up and presented to

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Coruil et Babes : Les Bacteries, etc., Paris, 1889.

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ferrometer. It is made by Reichert in Vienna and can be readily

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importance of bearing in mind, in cases of fever of obscure origin, that

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graver forms, โ€” such as it often appears in hospitals, โ€” and are

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Ch.B.Glasg. (1906). To be temporary Lieutenantโ€” E. D. S.

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Surviving are his widow, Edith, and a daughter, Mrs.

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crease. The trustees now accept $10 per week in the

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It should be added that in word-deafness generally it often happens

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the case and dissection as to how the cavity or pouch containing pus,

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" Have been treated by calomel for first primary affec-

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Common Salt one ounce, and water one pint ; this in .like manner with the purgatives failed

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Ztscbr. f. prakt. Aerzte, Frankf. a. M., 1898, vii, 826. โ€”

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fifteen years made great strides. New methods, such as open ether,

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centa centralis is rare. Mrs. B ; previous history un-

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the patient suffered from, is a fact worthy of notice' (149) .

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1 oil $a, O. 2 -licon, B.; secunb-, O. 3 limon, II.; O.

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recommends silver nitrate, in the form of lavage (1 : 2000), or in the form of

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morning of July 7, 1930. He lies in the Minstead church-

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along the line of inoculation, and is of a yellow or reddish color.

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family history of cancer. There were no symptoms re-

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aseptic meningitis (8 patients), pleocytosis due to

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pHshed in the li\-ing subject, at least in part, and where the condition

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resistant enterococci than smaller, nonteaching hospitals.^

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aiice, with an intention of producing early suppuration, which

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of age, to enter the Franciscan Order are entirely unknown and I

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previously it was impossible to detect any clinical evidence of such a con-

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2-D echocardiography were analyzed to see whether they

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parallel to the impermeability of the kidneys; in chronic interstitial

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