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Diagnostic Radiology: Preoperative chest radiology: National study by
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localities, and the range is considerable in the same locality. It may
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now know to be the larval stage of Toenia solium was supposed to repre-
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to males, although it is transmitted by the female line.
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swelling and the protrusion of the globe subsided rapidly
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Here is where the devil worship of the Aleutian is paral-
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produce a murmur where one was not audible before, or bring one out
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lias been known for yeai's. It is ilidipated by th& purplish ooioi^ the
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having been irregular at first ; from time to time at the menstrual periods
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External applications are very efficacious in relieving the neuralgias.
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nently fair and just to their confreres was exemplified by the fact
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is desirable that some other epithet than simply that indicating the color
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more, but during the next three days she felt great uneasiness, with
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specimen was carefully dissected out as it was now shown.
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tion or contraction of the vessels, just as chloroform produces its effect ;
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Hill, continued by Dr Eattray's brother, was a celebrated resort for
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Dysentery, Entamwha tetragena as a cause of, in Philippine Islands; C. F.
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finish, and went home in a state of extreme annoyance. In the course of the
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the fees and upon compliance with the other conditions and regulations for such cases pre-
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caemia and pyajmia are far past, may have a violent attack of pleuritis or pleuro-
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.F. H. MAii.i.ii'.iiK & Kii.s, Paris. — M. Conan, "Truit^- (rtioino-lionKi-o-
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In 1851 and 1852 I was an interne in that hospital,
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ALCOHOLISM. Ethical, humane, understanding treatment. Excellent re-
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accompaniment of fibroid tumors, even when these are of
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useful rogimonal measures. The diet should be nutritious, but not stimo-
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the discharge is often tinged with blood. In some instances
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chilia. They have also been seen upon the conjunctiva. They may
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York, and ordered to the Norfolk Navy Y'ard, June 10.
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1 ... ... ... Spasmodic contractions for five minutes.
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is introduced, the same disease. Whether the same change in
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tation of the pupil, nausea, and a tendency to yawn. In
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(e) A postero-internal group (Edinger-Westphal nucleus), lying between the