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Indeed, for a few moments, complete loss of sensibility

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The value of the book is mainly, it seems to us, derived from the grasp

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less cautery. In our hands the solution causes some

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Goduaed, 0. E., Major and Surgeon. A.ssigned to duty at Fort

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ence, and when the paper is published I shall be glad to acknowledge his

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place of a steel plate, it will very quickly unite to the fragments

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used in the base hospital at Phalerum. As a result of his experience in

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remove grave and, may be, persistent symptoms as by

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gained by combination of medicines of the same class ; but, possibly

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quently indebted for the notes of these oases. But the indica-

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nutritious diet, with gentle, passive out-door exercise recom-

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He applies warm cataplasms to the stomach several times a

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body; and that these resolutions shall be printed in

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Rogers (H. W.) Tlie treatment of fever by the newer

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the return of the liquid to the pharynx by regurgitation, and its

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of two generations of quartan parasites. These commonly show a

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In one autopsy (Case 58), about 100 worms were found in

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professors, and had studied the subjects pertaining to their specialty,

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ments such as are common in neurasthenia — depression, irritability, pre-


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was flexed, and brought across the lower part of the

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in sterilized water, and afterward in a solution of bi-chlorida

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a full stream. He was dismissed, and directed to pass a coni-

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administration of the tannopin for weeks the diarrhoea did not dis-

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well, New York, read a paper on "Stereoskiagraphy of the

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result, we can foretell the fact that these cases will shortly

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taken it to see her sister's children, one of whom was ill in bed with scarlet

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an acute attack supervenes upon the chronic one that there is much

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pura urticans. What is certainly closely allied to urticaria, though the