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order of the anus, nor have I ever known a soldier in the

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ossifies. In acute and severe cases the dura mater is usually reddened

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Contact with a sponge may lead to elements of both kinds

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animal fluids, which are saline aqueous solutions, and

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later are loss of weight, muscular weakness and diminution of sexual

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are reported as twelve on June 23d, and nineteen on

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operation, however early. The aponeurosis of the external oblique

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sighing. While, if the broncho-respiratory be in excess, the tidal air sound will

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uterus. Hypertrophy of the rectal valves is often a source of

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you." Many medical duels have been prevented by the difficulty of

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accomplished by holding the ear at a little distance from the stethoscope,

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of a new system of medicine ; but he did not himself form this

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immoral law — is sufficiently universally practised by

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and there Is said to be no increase in the blood pressure. Toward the end


by the anremia which invariably accompanies such repeated attacks.

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Diagnosis: Tabes lumbalis. Prognosis: Unfavorable. All other known remedies

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relative composure of the patient, the decline noted probably becomes a

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•cases it lasts beyond the specified time. Dr Ware speaks of having once

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and in its nearly constant rapid course and fatal issue.

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medicine, we have the advantage, not only of the astrin-

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existed in Philadelphia — with which opinion all of us

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enth cervical and the first dorsal vertebral centers appear to be

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luiwife will, for a long time, remain a little additional cost for prmting, postage

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month with marked chlorosis, which had constantly increased,

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interfering with the digestive function, which is usually so

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this month, more severely cold weather, in the whole, than in any winter

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18i)5, for faithful and meritorous service during the war, and

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Remarkable confirmation of these findings is supplied by

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human anatomy, embryology, bio-chemistry, hygiene, bacteriology, histology, physiology and other subjects included in the

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he might know what to condemn as due to sorcery or magic. Hence

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The nodules consist of fusiform areas formed by large spindle-shaped

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Like Switzers, and bear all the fields before 'em ;

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portionment of delegates, making the basis of one delegate to every six

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malt li(iuors gives rise to this condition in various regions of the face.

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to our mental vision ? Yes, the diplomas are ours, and the dangers and

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operator may be left at liberty. On this account it is now

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fever of a high grade, and marked prostration of the vital forces.

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The patient states that the effect of the vaccine on the patches is