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That his treatment, more especially of acute diseases, has changed, we find

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combat the dropsical swellings and effusions. Compare here

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Royal Charter of the Coombe Lying-in Hospital, whereby the

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part of that quahfication, so extremely valuable in England,

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carriage. But, after that fuppoied mifcarriage, fhe had men--

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headache, and pain in muscles and bones or in the lumbar region.

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and sophisticated hybridization techniques, investigators

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ard Medical School, he had proved himself capable of giv-

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occurred in virgins and widows, as well as married women ; in fact,

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Cases of tetanus following its use have been reported from Italy,

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lauo, 1895, 7. s., 283-341. — Sattlcr (E. ) The rational

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cortex cerebri, in the convolutions of the orbital lobule, and in


physical condition was very poor. Until a short time previous to his death he

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Bulkley, M. D. New York : D. Appleton & Co. 1876.

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heeded, and Nature has narrowed day after day, week after

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1. Of encroachments of vital origin, hemorrhage is the

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ent system of committing patients to lunatic asylums

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mercury. He said it might be tried, but that he thought it would

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lancet. The first drop is wiped away with a linen cloth, and a second

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ers to that part of his work ; indeed, the whole of his treatment is so fully

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It also does not destroy the coagulability of the blood. Periiaps

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6. Do not understand me as saying that all the cases that have been

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by the gradual deposition of the carbonate of lime, which this

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During the eight weeks following the last injection the patient had no attacks

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a central examining board before whom all students and applicants

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graver forms, — such as it often appears in hospitals, — and are

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have reasonably prognosticated a very diS'erent result from

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instance, the general enforcement of a higher level

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