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I. CHLORIDE OP IRON. — Ferri Chloridum. U.S.—SeS'

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effect soon ceases, and is followed by a marked diminution of its func-

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flinm is f^v'eai ia duBes hamper than ape thoii^:bs apprrcyrliie to moiH other

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can in the mean time be sustained. This has been done, in some in-

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acta mechanically, by abHorbinf^ tlio blood, and bivoiiriiiK H" i*(i(iK*ibi^ibMi

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are often much disordered by it, complicate its proper systemic influ-

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they were kept were made sufficient to counterbalance the

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the persevering nse of this remedy, combined with a little opium to ren-J

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of the body of the male gives him a great advantage in his arms, as to strength

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tion. But it will be most convenient to consider the remedial uses of the

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result of an over-exercise and consequent exhaustion of the vital forcca,

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tmrf tnidnanTes- Tw< or tam tinted daih u W mrin««^. «:^ iii iIm i«»r

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neutralizing a morbid excess of alkalinity; and, conversely, an alkaline

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mation, has been already referred to. But whenever excessive sweating

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furnishing musk {ml, i. p. 51>U), and the secfind, of CcphaclU Ipecacuanha^ as ihu

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evidently not entitled to the rank of medicines. There are, moreover,

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plexus tif the lateral ventricles. The pia mater is strongly congested ;

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!■« liable to occasion local excess or deficiency of function; that <^ pas-

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It has been recommended in scarlet fever, both as a remedy and pro-

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21. Schonbaum, E. 1960. Adrenocortical function in rats exposed to

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most civilized countnes, and abundantly in the United States. Other

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system, the use of these baths is followed by the production, upon the

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aeid, given to dugs in niueh larger duseg than tlmt in which phosfdioriis

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by a local board of health. A low and avaricious landlord

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place in the muscles, especially in the hollow muscle — the

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most extraordinary powers. Before the discovery of Peru\nan bark, I

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medicine should act very slowly, and consequently tbat it should be

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A brief discussion of the experiments with the mouse neoplasm is

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after a time begins to be affected ; formication occurs here and there ;

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be passed, on leaving the retort, successively through a saturated

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aarfaces; but it should be used in this way with caution. I have known

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tiirialy when compared with that from exposure to the influence of lead, for

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until the recent revision of the Pharmacopoeias, when the root, which is

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