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cases. The serum was practically free from cells and the bodies could

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culture experiments, which could alone determine the nature of " the

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Northern Lancet and Gazette of Legal Medicine. Edited by Horace Nelson,

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ture, rainfall, and humidity, and geological factors.

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the injury which the increasing pressure of the water inflicts upon the

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was so weak that it was not safe to let him walk a few steps to the am-

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subject, for the first time, and in its most regular and genuine

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animals. This must be done directly and after such substances

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miasm — malaria — must consist of low, vegetable organisms, whose

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termed " grimace." The positive pole being retained, and the

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cases, particularly if the child be suffering from the irritation incident to

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pation a washerwoman, has always enjoyed good health. She was

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solution. It is unnecessary to attend to the bases of the urates, such

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Osier, Otis, Trudeau, Tyson, are connected with this Congress.

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by success, and the impression made is, in my experience, of

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sued, and, as in nearly all previous cases, without a favorable result.

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and Celli," by whom the theory of melansemia was definitively estab-

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teolytic ones was determined by the method of Cannon— the so-called

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Blanket, and have rubbing done under blanket. Give Spirits of

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— 37. Ldera. Brain, vol. iii. p. 85. — 38. Ldem. Brain, 1894, p. 1. — 39. Ferrikr and

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normal tissue in the nares also causes asthmatic symp-

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or function is deranged must be most vague and indefinite."

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the case of habitual drunkards and lunatics. It is very doubtful,

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this nature, may induce leukocytosis. In animals infectious leuko-

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with its contents yet undischarged, or a minute ulcer. In what-

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sublinie religion. the wisdom, or at least the charity, of the