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eight hours. 'Hie point of interest in the case, as it

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for damages, but he succeeded in getting her to come here to have

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of accuracy that no possible communication should exist be-

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Cholera. — Dr. Geo. Johnson (British Medv-al Journal)

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clearly observable. Symptoms of septicemia appeared

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possible by a compound system of three levers. But the friction at che

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appointed task, there must be harmony among physicians. The

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the more prominent and overhung the hollowed inner surface.

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practical measure, which there ought to be no difficultv in

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3. Wash well in water, and treat with 25 per cent, sulphuric

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factors; and {b) Symptomatic erythema, that due to internal causes.

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the wall eyed horse never becomes blind ; an instance of

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woman aged 3-5. The clitoris was very much enlarged, and

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is frequently accompanied by chronic degeneration of the

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Curatulo is of the opinion that the germicidal power of the

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complex mechanism by which he finds his way about, are so inter-

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needless apprehensions. Hsemoptysis, proceeding from bronchial hemor-

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next day he was evidently better, and was not so weak. I or-

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remotely related to scleroderma. It must not be supposed that all the classical

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is consumed, and life thereby rendered extinct. As all inflamed

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it is most freciuently associated with the cachexia, in which it consti-

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Prognosis.— Ordinarily, as soon as the joint has recovered, improv-ifiwtf

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of the right hip. She remained in the hospital three months,

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or at least more markedly then than in the beginning.

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cough, and to be common during the prevalence of intermittent fevers

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of the appendix. In any variety of abdominal extrava-

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cilor for the Sixth District, and included a talk by

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drill grooved along its length with a trocar point is adapted

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In a thirty-seventh case (1881 ; age at onset 4 weeks ; ill ten weeks) the cere-

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the case of the fever patient, whose flushed face denotes an

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any means cured when the discharge ceases, and that in many instances

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was affected, but sometimes the whole trunk was arched." And again :