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and Practice o.f Medicine, by Daniel Drake, M.D. Adjunct Professor

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includes especially coal-miners. The particular form which the lung

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Dr. Ross thanked them for the reception they had given his

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but relatively impassable. In these cases the author uses Wheel-

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particularly to the site of the fracture, but claims that it gives him pain from

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the short body, in which there are numerous round and oval chalk coo-

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we extract this expanding agent, condense the water to its

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proved instances of benign, peptic ulcer. Particular

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He considers that this condition of the .stomach is the most

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powders ; repeat the purgative in the morning j and appl}' an-

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diarrhoea would also predispose to the spread of cholera.

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20, aged 65; graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in

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five-lobed leaves stand on long upright footstalks, rising from

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larger number of viable pneumococci in the consolidated areas during

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Erasistratus, the contemporary of Herophilus and Ms

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A Manual of Military Surgery; or, Hints on the Eviergencies of Field,

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or paralysis, affecting the spinal accessory nerve, is de-

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nor has its presence caused irritation. The lower edge

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Contribution I'^tude des mouvements des paupiferes.

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9. It is probable that its use during an acute attack of diphtheria

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In attempting to extract these " stumps " with the forceps the hair

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thrombus, unless otherwise qiialified, is used as first stated.

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Kellogg is also a firm believer in the injury liable to

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ascribed to inflammation of the visceral pleura, but as the parietal

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If blood poisoning is claimed by accident offices to be pro-

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Bach- Roic—Gallafihcr, Ih-rii'ick, Hon,,. IVnlLrr. lircl.rr.