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who described herself as **a bundle of nerves,' and with "pain wherever

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and death. Accoraing to this theory, an excess of secretion would account

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stiiniacli, very little ditTereuce will lie found lietwcen the i'l'ce hydro-

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!o all ill the elTect of a lieam of siiiili<iht let in ihroui;!! a small aiiertiirc

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:iii iiiciti.i \liicli is Ml liic.Ml I lie Niii|i|iii cltjiiiiri-s 111' lui'ssiiic j»ri"liii'ii|

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years of age; from five to ten, 8; from eleven to twenty, 25; from twenty-one

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weaker and weaker, after successive elicitations, until no response was

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The relative importance of the ascending and descending modes of infec-

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fever began to have pains in the front of the left arm, and in a few days there

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Elation of the sound is from (LO.") to O.hVi seconds, and the iieriodieity

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thus attracts water from the dispersoids, with the result that they com.

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this is not by any means always the case. The first attack may be a very

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relative frequency in the two sexes. Giraldes held that vesical calculi in

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r:is(', we know that potassium has a i)rofound inllueneo on the lieart-

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puerperal period permits a relatively eeisy diagnosis, but m most cases the

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Fig. 5 a. Photograph of macerated specimen of the same joint.

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after traiiNpnrtatinii liy the lilnml. etc., liy cells in nthcr parts nf the

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skill iiinl ImiiiH iiiiisi of coiirsf also lie iiiciisurcil. 'I'liis is i|oim> liy collii :

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timate result of the dijQTerently situated appearances

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the liddy temperature remains cuiistaiit whatever eliaii(;es may occur

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Weigert, in 1903, called attention to a persbtent thymus, with lymphocytic

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Symptoms. — ^The course is chronic. The symptoms are slight at first, and

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.'> p.T cut, till n |iHi ,■ ,• ,,f ("u, must he present in the lunfis. In a eon

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arteries, found that the first groups of bacilli were to be met with in the dilated

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analysis of such claims entered in a proper record book gives most valuable

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C,i nf the IiIihmI (see pa-re •>"J). it cnuhl Im' readily shown, as is cviddi'

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suppurative myositis. Miyake examined the muscle tissue in 14 of his own