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No history of the case was obtainable previous to ad-
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large oil globules, mingled with fragments of fine nerve-tubes. Milk,
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is irreducible. These conditions are doubtless due to the
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CMe to the pfofl]seness,or otherwise, of the hemorrhage and the as<^ociated
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1. In health, the cardiac dulness, on percussion, measures, imme-
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tomacn. In about a month, there was frequent vomiting, witli pain on
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8. Uric acid (C5H4N4O3) and urates. — Uric acid is derived from the
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and spleen. They vary in size, in different cases, both in the liver and
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Hvi. L. H. Taylor [Annals of Ophth. and Otol., vol. iii., No. 3) reports a
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det remarks that immunity from influenza, supposing
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may be slight; the respirations maybe but little increased in frequency;
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but since he tendered an account of its virtues in 1843 many
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them on their convalescence showed very docidod ovideiu.c lliat thoy
Seattle, Wash., ordered the closing of two schools the
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festly improper to do more in an operative way than
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great many cases of insomnia of manifold causation, is
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seem safer, I think, in all cases to introduce drainage.
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Unfermented fruit juices of any kind palatable to the patient are
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anaphylactic action of the substance actinia, which
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case, with Dr. W. F. Taylor. It occurred in a robust
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that there should be more executive work done by the
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marriage, never sleeping well, and frequently being unfit for even a life of
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Many cases treated for "diabetes" or glycosuria are
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