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Hutchinson is misleading, for the disease has nothing whatever to do with

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unite and form the superior, middle, and inferior thyroid veins. The

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tion of which, I confess I feel myself incompetent. At what period was

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progressive debility, intercurrent attacks of fever, enlargement of the spleen

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the members. There have been many changes in the registered cata-

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or displaced to one or other side by enlargement of one lobe only. When-

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(e) Stretch leg -forward-lying side-flexion. — For position see Fig. 6.

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it reached the hands of the vaccinators. During three months of the

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man. It is also an important fact that though neuromata, molluscum

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The position of these canals relative to each other is easily aooounted

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having placed my patient on the table, secured as for lithotomy, I passed

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Surgeon and Dermatologist, Campbell Hospital, Calcutta.

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to place the heel of one foot on the toes of the other : his knowledge of the

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but on this occasion every metal was coated with quicksilver ; an alarm-

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of walking ; but strange to relate, several barometers were tried, bat

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number of times in succession, and mixed with the serum until half the number

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required to produce sleep ; and, therefore, from one to two or tbretf

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in the case of ulcerative endocarditis, the production of cardiac bruits will

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culosis was by far the commoner form in which the disease occurred. That

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and con, till their sale, in the hands of the trade, at least, has yielded a

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districts, embracing Wards 1,3 and 3. and in cane* which vtiU be treated at the room Mm.

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evidence of being in possession of a mind, operating independently of