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upon the underlying bone disease, the frequency of and dangers
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belonging to the Trumpington House. That servant soon sickened
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Analysis of Gastric Contents— C. S. Fischer {Am. Jour. Med. 8c., July,
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Wilmington. Discussion by W. A. McPhaul, M. D., Charlotte.
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and that about 2 per cent, of all deaths are caused by gastric cancer,
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tion of the air-passages^ by choking, strangling, or hanging, or by
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learned that if a patient or family suggests a patently
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strength. The house itself accommodates about sixty patients.
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This can be done thru the vagina or by direct introduction of
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cases, but are analogous to the etiological onset of the disease as seen in adults,
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These remedies are more-successful in the cure of Chronic Diseases than any others
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studied. There is difficulty in measuring the globu-
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tions between micro-organisms and certain diseases, and
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it an important distinguishing feature between this disease
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wool, and apply this preparation, rubbing it in well. Cover
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ing given birth to a child very late in life, should choose a nurse several
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is apt to have the same effect. Many patients are exceedingly liable to be
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td in this case. Though capable of coition and fruitful connec-
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the chronic tubercular ulceration of the fauces, which was
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graduation appointment as internes in the various hospitals.
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As might be expected, from the previous works and studies
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to the exclusion of all other therapeutic measures. He
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anniversary of the founding of the Grcorgia Medical