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After thoroughly sterilizing the skin, two or three
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discharge of puriform matter also issued from the vagina."
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the former. The most important of these is the facility
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to aid their hearing in the simplest and most efficient way, by directing and
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As regards the stomach, we often find very marked troubles, as the
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warm water until it appears clean. Do not use it for hold-
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on the following reasoning: (1) In certain electrocardiograms in our
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Epidemic — house, of syphilis, 206 ; modern psycho-
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problem to the examining physician. Sometimes the organic
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the same favorahle event takes place, although there has been no
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angle. Rotch points out that, in pericarditis with effusion on
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with the lower or pyloric, end to the right, and turns round,,
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pearance. The collapsed portion often represents one lobule or
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Also, in: Rep. Med. Off. Local Gov. Bd. 1883, LoDd.,
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spastic colon, or gastritis, but usually these diagnoses have
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tem to gynecology, and he warns against both overlooking some local trouble which
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below the left angle of the mouth (see Fig. 290) . There is noth-
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having continued all night at intervals. I now found
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of a celluloid bougie or gum elastic intra-tympanic tube. Dr. Duel's
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scar tissue, which, when the cavity is obliterated, will affect it