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ity then formed is unsuitable for further development of the bacilli.
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followed the mention of Mr. Lister, of Edinburgh, as president of the Surgical
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remarkable effect on the final course of the disease.
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der it at least comparatively inappropriate and ineffectual, or improper.
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which the coccidium nodule may be mistaken for and de-
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The cranial nerves at their nuclei of origin and in
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Bulletin, December 1 994; vol. 79, no. 1 2, pp 2 1 -5, written by CAROLYN
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All letters containing business communications, or ret'erri7ig to the
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and phthisis once developed in patients suffering from disease of the
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County Medical Society, being a history of measures
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ence, and has a special interest in obstetrics; also
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of the reproductive organs; (4) the general symptomatology, both
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into dementia, some of them pass into weakness of mind from the
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other parts of the body, which are affected with this disease, be-
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onset. The warning may occur as a subjective sensory, gustatory,
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TJeber Bestimmung des Alters von Gefliigel und Wild.
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Surgeon Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, 5 Fitzwilliam-place.
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cause. If such malformation vi-ere necessary, how could we
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denly changed in colour to an olive-black, and became very loose,
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I dreams of the opium eater are at first highly gorgeous, but when the sto*
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of the Committee's Report by the Council was, however,
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1864, I placed the patient under Zittman's treatment. After
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rare in azoturia, just as in phosphaturia (Trousseau). At a more ad-
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