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with excretory ducts; as the salivary, pancreatic, lachrymal hu-

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it is rendered at his request. So far as a legal responsi-

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have been lodged, as at the latter place the gut is likely to

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Chaa. G. Chaddock** of St. Louis, following the plan of treat-

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4. Focal, transverse lesions in the cervical enlarge-

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Early in that Year, Dr James Y. Simpson, of Edinburgh, Scot-

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and phosphorus are retained in ratios indicating protein anab-

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infer that a gouty diathesis is the cause. Catarrh of the mucus

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gical Reporter), has reported a number of cases of cancer

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and the path thus opened by physiology will lead to a great field for patho-

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CHURTON and GRIFFITHS. Brit. Med. Journal, May 28, 1887. 5. DEJERINE. Bull,

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necker. November 30, 1903, a year after coming under observa-

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Mid-Winter Clinical Conference Preliminary Program 506

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been the first to uphold this view with regard to the aetiology of the disease,

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vertigo, and formication. In one case the writer saw temporary paraphasia.

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days. F. attributes the opacity to edema between the anterior strata of the

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is marked intestinal fermentation or gastric intolerance of

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. ., , .• r „u • t „ ort ial expression is altogether different. In

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" The following account of the symptoms was compiled by Mr. Max Henry,

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science, confident of its methods, has quietly continued to work.

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been observed during the year just passed. But this

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Tinea Circinata. — This may spread from the face to the lips and mouth.

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amount was reduced to one half that quantity, which was well borne.

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peculiar chewing movement of the jaw ; movements of

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regenerating, the need is to produce contraction, and that is best done by a

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cells. Experience with the use of this instrument for liver

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\_The Annual Presidential Address delivered before the Rhode Island Homoeopathic

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By noting the position of the uterus on the successive days of the puer-