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opened by an operation called tracheotomy (Fig. 202).

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by interfering with the free action of the heart, give rise to

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There is no truism more generally accepted than that

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injections were made under all aseptic precaution, and

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quately explain the occasional appearance of unilateral

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September 1909, in which the middle portion of the humerus was

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epilepsy. Cases of direct inheritance were very few.

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ease. He had applied to several physicians, but had failed

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seconded the motion for the vote of thanks, and also congratu-

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Arthritis, role of prostate and seminal vesicles in (ah) 850

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fistula. (La Sem. Medicale, Yol. XYII, Annexes, page 158.)

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of three months. The next Pass, or Surgical and Pathological

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haps have been expected in view of the fact that suspensions of these

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between the muscle-fibers there were large and small areas


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strumipriva. He seems to limit the operation to the recent


is also regarded as supporting the cortical origin. The chief points

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to announce to us here in America the good tidings of

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It is greatly to be regretted that the value and importance of

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ventures to assert that when the true record of deaths

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According to Kleinhans, there are three arguments in favour

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itself” — in cases involving alleged professional lia-

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suggests the descent of a testicle, the prolapse of an

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but also to involvement of the muscular wall in the tumor. The