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high value upon Lugaro's work, and states that " we Britons
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to the large side of the peri-uterine space became cystic,
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ondary anemia, as, for example, from occult gastric hemorrhage, is disproved
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dimensions are large, but are necessary to prevent the disastrous " eftluve "
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the kind which would insure them independence if inca-
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diagnosis was uncertain, where he had made an exploratory
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tion, and that the operation involves danger if the system be much pros-
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useful in pressing the anterior pilllar on to the point of the needle, which
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consider various forms of mental weakness. Idiocy and a marked degree
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of the knee is quite hard, but the upper flap is of a
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prior to the issuance of the first edition, we fully concur. Valuable
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the following night he did well. The next morning I noticed some diffi-
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feed the phagocytes. As yet, certainly, there was no specific
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The calcium oxid and sulphur retentions announced to 0.01 and
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son ; nor is it at all reasonable to suppose," he continues, " that leprosy
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Constituents. — The most important is (1) tannic acid.
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column as a field for initiating an effort to diagnose the
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will generally be begun on the Thursday succeeding to the
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toxins, etc. In the second in many cases the crude drug or
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clearly observable. Symptoms of septicemia appeared
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pursue a course with respect to themselves which they could not pursue,
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with it. [It becomes blue when exposed to ozone. Chlorine
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not teratogenic in rabbits However, maternal and letal toxicity occurred in some rabbits at doses ol 1 mg/kg/day or
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yellow fever germ. The acquisition of a new bacterial intestinal
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the Nernst lamp there is to be had a light richer in chemical
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sists of tears and pieces of flakes glued together by fat manna. Its
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mammalia die in a few minutes, but it takes several hours to destroy a reptile
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upon the fibula as a fulcrum, had bent it so as to bring the outer side of
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From the recent reports of the Registrar General it appears that the
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Three forms of pediculi are found upon the human skin, which
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of infection and persistence of infectivity. We have the advantage
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lieve the severe symptoms, and the noticeable improve-
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