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not empty itself, it was because enough of the bar bad not been removed.
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tip on the right side, involving the entire thickness of the organ.
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Halford in 1867 — vide British Medical Journal^ 20th July and
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and two for day work, the fifth assisting at intervals.
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potassium, 3 drams, water in proportion, every G hours.
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times the attempts at swallowing are embarrassed by the dropping of
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in these cases, tlie anaemia acquires a certain independence and goes
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the commonest cause of aneurysm. That aneurysm is more commonly
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found that germs will cause an acute attack, severe enough
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decided lack of uniformity in the strength of the active principles contained
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palate, and then operated on the lip in the manner detailed in this
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sera differ from the normal sera in that they possess
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able to vegetation; but, when aided by high atmospheric heat, may prove
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ward by the diminution of the antero-posterior, and
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cases, and has had but three deaths, these three patients dying
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8. Giraldes, Bull, de la Soc. Anat., 1854, vol. xxix_. p. 298. A man, wounded
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