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prove successful. Beech creasote is used, and it is administered

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committee on pathology, and particularly to its chairman, Dr. A. W. Akerly.

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efiects, the medicines may still be given, and still are needed.

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Hiccup, a diaphragmatic spasm or local convulsion, requires to be

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Charity of Massachusetts. Public Document No. 17. January,

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(Sack KE: Wegener’s granulomatosis [Medical Staff Conference], West J Med 1989 Mar; 150:329-333)

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uct of the mind and soul working through certain cells and fibers, may

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instrument Leube {loc. cit.) considers the most primitive

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Munzer and Wiener to show that nerve cells undergo profound changes in

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fact that a marked prostatitis may be present, when there is no evidence of

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^ Read before the llcdico-Chirurgical Society, Xovemlier 2, 1904.

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Williams, jLevi W. Humphreys, Elisha Mather, Bela B. Jones.


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the sense of its absurdity gives way to indignation and pain at

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Professor Elie Metschnikoff, spoke to the same eflfect,

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1711, Breesl., 1751, iii. 758. — Blio (P.) Pireasie non mala-

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the clothing and which would not be irritating to the skin, and

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there was a terrible odor to the gases which escaped

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vertically, but between these two positions is constructed for use at

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he travelled widely throuohout France and no doubt in Northern

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grant of £4,000, and this sum was increased by another and

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is for the expulsion of some hurtful matter; organisms with the properties of other cel-

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Surgeon to the Out-Department of the Pennsylvania Hospital, etc.

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American Pediatric Society, the meeting of which was

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nerves of special sense are almost never involved, seems diffi-

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inner surface of the dura mater is covered by an outer

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We offer Claims Made and Occurance coverages. Because

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unusual to witness it. As soon as a drowning man begins to get feeble and to

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have a national laboratory for such investigations. If

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