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gastric irrigations. The meteorism and the pain will

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Gypsum (calcium sulphate) occurs very rarely, and only in the sediment of

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Various forms of disorder are associated ^^^th the function of mastica-

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contain a variable number of blue granules of irregular size and at

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these purposes ; or the B.P. ointment (1-10) maybe employed.

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place of a steel plate, it will very quickly unite to the fragments

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I am led to think that the perforation of the callus by awls or drills,

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ulcer found in the jejunum, giving the infection a septicemic character, and

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absorption of products into the system causing the trouble we

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isur Ics lesums orrticalcs, 1879. — 10. Bkamwell. Brit. Med. Journal, Aug. 28, 1875. —

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unaltered, as the difference in the inhibiting power between the pseudo-anti-

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commences at least three 3^ears earlier, ciliary exhaus-

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In the Seventeenth Century the employment of the physician

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We have made observations on six patients with nephritis. A

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What shall we tell the family as to the diagnosis? It seems

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encouraging to justify ns in pursuing these lines of research. Briefly

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gow M. J., 1894, xlii, 68.— Daraignez. Carie du f6mur.

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the glucose to the solution also increases the chemical

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their predecessors; and this part of the subject cannot be con-

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bad, though some return of power is possible after several months. With

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he relapsed, and I was again sent for. I ordered the acid to be