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while in every case there was found an inflammation or ulceration of the
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the instant relief afforded by such operations. Patients who were not able to
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warm countries, yield vegetable productions which contain less of tannin,
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book for the student than the volume by Dr. Maudsley, which
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from cholera between the end of August and beginning of December.
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— two on the internal surface of the arm, and two on the back.
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cable corrected by washing and boiling with charcoal.
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the attacks, but others are compelled to keep their beds in spite of the increased
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being preceded by inflammation, and may continue for weeks, or even for
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same house was attacked and died ; and two children of a family,
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This was evaporated. When treated with distilled water, it resembled
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vol. of the Am. Journ. of Med. Sci. 1832-3, has described a case in a
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extent in St. Kitt's and in Jamaica during the spring and summer. In 1856
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monial spots, the evaporated residuum after the action of nitric acid, gave
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— London and Edinburgh Philosoph. Magazine, March 1841. T. R. B.
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Lawson is not clear. In one place he says that ^' sympathetic