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Before going to school she had double otitis media and the otorrhoea

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aged fifty-one. In October, 1885. the right breast and axillary glands

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pain, frequency of urination, frequent and painful urination, hematuria,

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upon the blood changes at any rate as merely a symptom

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There was an inch of fat on the abdomen. The thoracic organs

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an agreeable and economical preparation. A little of it goes a

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a loud sound on auscultation, which he supposed to be due to pericarditis,

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almost always adheres. Medical treatment saves life, but it

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sickness of the hospital attendant, Marggraf. The hospital

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Secretaries of medical societies will confer a favor by keeping us in-

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gripes: A black species. No bands on tarsi. Europe (? North Amer-

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lamina. The earliest evidence of this lesion is a leucocytic invasion in

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and strawberries. Drugs give unsatisfactory results, but pur-

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largely accounts for the local immunity enjoyed by the mucous mem-

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coid process was torn ofif the scapula, but still remained attached

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Month., N. Y., 1898. liii, 793-805.— Guttmann (M.) Die

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the contents of the flasks were transferred to cylinders and the

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at first made use of a huge hydrostatic balance for de-

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Any form of treatment will be more successful if the eyes

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cient pressure to throw the vaporized steam at least one foot is al-

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many cases, and it might be well to throw out the hint, to avoid

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iMcGillicuddy, of New York, who advocated the perform-

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produced after an exposure of two and three-quarter hours,

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the characterization seem to apply to Moore's treat

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the individual and are merely brought out by some toxic agent. Cer-

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marked by attacks of diarrhoea, alternating with constipation and

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tication, insalivoMon, deglutition, digestion, absorption, assimilation,

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Anatomical Models for student use. Dr. H. B. Ferris.

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auscultatory percussion. The diagnosis in the case was

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Baltimore, has suggested, as a remedy for gout, on chemical grounds, the

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too early in the treatment. One-fiftieth-of-a-grain doses, or

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for the purpose of exposing the stomach upon the left side. You

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woman wdio was said to be sufiering from apoplexy was also