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of the tube like a ring-like mass. This may either be hard and fibrous,
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epigastric veins in both inguinal regions as an evidence of dilatation of
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ing or singing), the inhalation of an atmosphere laden Tvith mildly irri-
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(of the tincture, minims x to xv — 0.666 to 0.999; of the infusion, sss —
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octavo, 420 pages; 151 illustrations. Based upon Grafs Anatomy.
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Ulcerative endocarditis may also occur and be attended with an irregular
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urer, Dana F. Downing, M.D. ; Consulting Physicians, L. Houghton Kim-
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tinuity from the adjacent peritoneum in cases of tubercular peri-
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independently of the latter. Preuschen has collected the reports
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ingly variable, and may either be very small, or as large as the average-
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some peripheral irritation or to rachitis, the outlook is fair, although
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bitten, and spreads until it becomes general, finally involving the respir-
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bad lacerations should be urged to have the matter righted sur-
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in a vast majority of cases; during childhood, adolescence, and early
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Pathology. — It has frequently been observed that after inflamma-
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will also produce most of the physical signs of pleurisy with effusion.
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large, and are moderately painful, particularly on movement. Pain,
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Hot baths and hot applications (with counter-irritation) over the liver
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the neck, back, and arms, and at times attended by a sense of impending
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leads to dilatation of that portion of the duodenum back of it, and finally
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cific influence of the remedy. Then the inunctions are discontinued, and