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with those resulting from being whirled in a laboratory device,

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ogy in the Jefferson Medical College, for examination.

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and the man recovered. I still do not know how the accident happened : the

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sonic tissue characteristics of the myocardium can also be

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to run it sixteen hours. Now, it lA a conservative estimate that the

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islator in the claims of Christian Scientists to know that as a

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boundary of the orthodiagraphic shadow of the hilum of the heart (see Fig. 129, p.

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the intermittents of Europe, we have distinct proofs of the ex-

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ments such as are common in neurasthenia — depression, irritability, pre-

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sweetish or sickish odor about the patient, headache, defects of sight

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jaws. There is an excellent chapter on dental surgery and the

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cinoma: diagnosis by microscopic examination of sputum

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as follows : brachial artery, 1 ; femoral, 4 ; subclavian,

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tain whether it is best to inject intraglandularly or periglandularly.


is sometimes moist and coated, and sometimes dry and reddened. The gums

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Then Chloroform the animal, and comb the stupefied or dead fleas


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tuberculosis, in the meaning at present understood of immunity to

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temperature, increased rate of pulse, and the phenomena of nervous irri-

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that the corpuscles of hemolytic luetic blood were found to be immune

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(A) Ataxic Symptoms. — Where these symptoms arise carbonate of

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J. Anthrop. Inst., Lond., 1888-0, xvlii, 157-168. Also,