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Etiology. — From the time of Benjamin Rush the transmission of
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on prisoners in Bengal that when a diet was bulky out of all
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It is a hand magnet provided with a number of variously
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relation to the handling and transporting of the injured, both before
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military importance of this particular problem of the Air Service.
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In the first place, wc will study the effect produced
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considering that the body will always take vengeance upon the
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On the assumption of the f eet-up posture there exists no great vascular
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diameter, of irregular form. The kidneys were of natural size, and on section dis-
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in medicinal agents, but, recognizing that in proportion to
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in a good, healthy child under good hygienic conditions
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intheperiosteal adhesions by age are indeed considerable, andare-
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device there is a permanent record made of the amount of steam used
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in each test were identical with those used in the same tests. Unfortunately,
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will pass on into the cavity and distend it. We repeat that we can
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and of the cardiac muscle. This sometimes is the first symptom, the
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duced any unpleasant effects is one recorded in vol. xviii of the ' Guy's
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decedents’ surnames, the surnames of the decedents’ par-
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The middle figure exhibits the muscles of the eyeball, the
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The seat of constriction in phimosis lies chiefly in the
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was tried with 17 thrifty shoats of various sizes. 6 They were put on a
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is resumed. I have witnessed the increase of inflam-
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careful investigation, and the results of the latest researches tend
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Drs. George F. Shrady and Paul F. Munde, and the statute was accepted
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three days prior to the operation order the patient to drink a
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lollowing report of the pathological findings of the liver,