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(5) Pituitary Body. — The section has been made transversely
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tioDf may gradually incapacitate the patient, who becomes easily tired oui,
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vessel at the point of injury, was observed, about the size of a " fox-
Ergoapiol (Smith) is put up as a small capsule, and is made
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makes arrangements for stray patients, arriving during
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able profession is justly famed. The wisest indeed did noth-
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3. — The Solar Plexus as a Factor in Shock.— L. J. Dan-
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Paralytic rabies is a form of acute paralysis, whose etiology is the only
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loss of voice. The patient may complain of pain and probably have
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reflex activity of the spinal centres ; spinal epilepsy is set up by
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"We are much indebted to Mr. Langmore and to Mr. Lettis,
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followed by assertions as baseless as the reasons upon which those
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milk, coffee, and champagne. Twice she has experienced slight nausea, which was re-
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With the exception of a few of his earlier cases he
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as to have a fair claim to be regarded as sequelae, but there are some other
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1. To arrest the fermentation (by antifermentatives
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As to the title, we think it misleading. One would fairly expect
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that the employment of tartar emetic is no new practice in the phlegmasia
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holidays with that in doctors (in the same kind of practice) who have
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for ^three weeks without especial aseptic precautions.
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Medical School. Second Edition. With 15 Plates and 134 other
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vomiting. These symptoms gradually subsided but recurred
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section— only two or three were cut — there was an at-
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" Diphtheria," in Pepper's "System of Medicine," makes
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the repayment of the whole, or such part of the fee
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ganic actions; is produced as a consequence of the molecular ac-
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EosBNBERGER {Path. Soc. New York, June 27, 1901) read a report of