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transmission of tuberculosis from the cow by the alimentary use of unboiled milk
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many cases of severe injury, there is a decided lessening or weakening
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times, that some "runs" of virus from the same stock will prove inert.
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N. Y., 1887. xvi, 37. — Browne (E. A.) A ciicaiiie stra-
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On these capsules heads develop. The cyst now forms the Echiviococcus
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1. Those who regard it as any modification of phrenitis, of course
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quantity of alcohol was 0,0024 grammes. The result of this
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Surgery Here and in Europe. — In looking toward the
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Goodhart nor I could find any in Avhich the affection w^as in an earlier stage,
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respect it supplies a great desideratum in our lite-
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1897, xii, 438. — Shreidor (M. N.) Sluohal gnoiuavo
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to the triangular ligament — it is six and one-quarter inches
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exploding the theory, once entertained, that alcohol was
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of the proventriculus; (h) the so-called stomach; (c) the pylorus.
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trouble or excessive charge, the regular rates being given herewith.
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provided with a hermetically closing top and bottom, and is so
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tation of the pupil, nausea, and a tendency to yawn. In
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mental cloud teaches them that they are not themselves.
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continued to carry out the order, the Committee recommended
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lung was rapidly distended, may have caused it to force its way through
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are small, and menstruation is absent. Swale Vincent thinks the
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ments of the effect of quinine upon the ear — I saw one of these cases,
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there was also great tenderness on pressure over both erector spinae.
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so as to admit only two fingers with difficulty. It was
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diseases. Moreover, when a child with pertussis, measles, typhoid fever,
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fuel, were in a condition unfavorable for surgical treatment. Many were
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possible, from two to four minims of a mixture of equal
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the profession. We have here and there the case that stands out to show