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daily average, 33.73 ; 15th, 38.34; 16th, 77.67. A portion of this sulphurio acid,

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Herbert Lansdeil, Ph.D.j Head of NINDB Section on Clinical Psychology,

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Microscopic Examination. The serum in the ventricles contained a few epi-

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Sig. — One to two teaspoonfuls daily. — Progrh Medical.

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Apparent depression at 7th and 9th dorsal, and dislocation, with prominence of the 11th

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The friends of decency in the Infirmary and University of

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intensely engorged. Routine removal followed, and the thankless task

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Ear, Nose, and Throat by Dr Walker Downie in Glasgow; and in Aberdeen,

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blood transfusion in war surgery, Ann. Surg., 1918, Ixvii, 1.

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Respiration. — In small doses arsenic stimulates the

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the one suffers as much from pressure as the other r" If this be the pathology in the

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use I£ Cypripedin grs. 48, Alcohol § i, mix to cut, Hyoscyamus

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