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authorities from converting it into an isolation hospital for
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calomel, when the bowels are not in a very irritable condition, it aids greatly
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whether the lungs are pervious to air. His powers of diagnosis are certainly
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> Report of the Surgical Cases and Operations that have occurred in the Massachu-
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sion used by a physician, viz. "that something was wrong;" after which
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We have been applied to, by the way, more than once, to know if we
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of the urethral and vesical mucosae except in so far as
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a sarcoma — syphilis of the spleen, tabes mesenterica,
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> Philosoph. Transact, for 1825, page 262 ; and Sir E. Homes Lect. on Compar. Anat.
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spent in a search for the cause of diseases that are more
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The characteristic facies, the agitation, sensitiveness of the
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not sufficiently virulent or not present in sufficient num-
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Literature of the Pulp. Vlda A. Latham, Sogers Park, 111.
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over females with this infirmity and believes that the cause
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r^ulated to suit the case of deafness and intensity of sound,
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Again, my experience leads me irresistibly to the con-
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the limb, and the patients suffered but little while under treatment.
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doctrine having been based upon erroneous observations.
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fixed in its situation by other than its normal extent of connection.^