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little progress, as shown by the slight extent of local tumefaction. The
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Inflammation of the atticus tympanicus may be considered under two
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Sec. 2. Charters shall be issued only upon approval of the
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notes and additions by Robert P. Harris, M.D. 8vo. pp. 603. Phila-
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jected into each tliigh, by means of a warmed and thoroughly disinfected glass
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lawsuits. When physicians fail to communicate effec-
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as there are some interesting and novel points in the
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tainly killed if the current is strong enough, otherwise he may recover,
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portion of the colon. Partial decompression was performed and
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this syndrome. Serologic tests must be positive on at least
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The Spbin(J Session will begin about the middle of March and end the last week in May.
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RESOLVED , That the Tennessee Medical Association pur-
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The present exhibit added to our first series, fully warrants us, therefore,
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tution would provide TMA’s organizational framework, while
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ranted, either as a direct appeal or as an original action, it shall
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The Invalid's Tea Tray. By Susan Anna Brown, author of Forty Puddings. Bos-
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aural apparatus, eye, etc., so in this form of sympathetic coryza we have
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base also forms a beautiful double salt with gold. This new diamin (CgHjgNj,) is
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mode of living. No doubt Dr. Lusk is correct here, but may there not
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cific medical history including disease state or states,
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have found Smith's operation much more satisfactory, as he told me I
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tween the affection here described and the other form
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felt a soft floating substance, which might have been
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jection of the chest-wall had some slight cutaneous
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gressive muscular atrophy, and upon critical research during the course of their
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letter should identify one author as correspondent and should include his complete
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tissue, and even pigmentation, though the clinician cannot detect with the eye
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climates to this mild, languid temperature, and retaining their habits of
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ted diseases have reached epidemic proportions. Herpes
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ruminants, especially those which are fattened, the
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of the tissues, do we find it most beneficial. ]\Ir.
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duced into the rectum, and the anterior edge of the
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those who believe that they have heard from you a call to service,