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1. In all free hernise that are difficult to retain or are only partially re-

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. The diagnosis in this case seems to me nearly certain ;

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migraine and neuralgia, and various forms of poisoning, as from opium and

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eruption in childhood and a recent ei-uptioa of white pustules

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deaths : Karachi, April 14-21, 4 cases, 8 deaths ; Madras, April 13-

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Dr. A. B. Hale, of Chicago. This paper was discussed by Drs.

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animals nor on human beings, since it would then be almost impossible

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the ligation is begun. This is especially necessary if the labor had been

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upon the rigidity of the structures than upon the position of the foot,

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speech-disturbance was temporary and repeated until it became second-

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an operation in the dark, and there is grave danger of wounding the

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measured her, and informed her that her labor would very probably

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mended by several, but Dolega relates one case in whidi it

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diflioulty. If there are general bronchial symptoms and no

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5. Sphincters, as a rule, intact (exceptions rather frequent).

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When the rupture is l)elow the patella a graduate<l pad is placed

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strictly sj)eaking, acute litha?mic fever ought here to be considered.

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which diminished progressively as the process of immunization proceeded.

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Then paralysis agitans would continue until death. In

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sented show that "cancer"' has increased by 50 per cent, in

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tions, who receive from him in all directions friendly

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be admitted to operation until medical treatment has had a fair (though not

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cholera-epidemics. — Rejtort to Qovemment of India, 1895.

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one or more substances having special mordant or de-

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are exhausted, but who yet can inveigh against the cruelty of those

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or tissue can be invaded. Capillary infarcts occur at any point in the

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between the two things, so that one function can replace the other under

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2oth. — Condition of patient is now much improved in every way ;

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"•nier to decide whether, in addition to a brain-abscess, there is also present a

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Owing to the delicacy of the reactions it is necessary that all test-

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ordinarily bright young man directions, he brought a