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capacity varies with the sex, age, height, and weight of the individual, but
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orthopedics became a specialty. Some cases of tuber-
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very well and slept soundly all night; her appearance and
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arthritis, or suppurative fungous arthritis ; comminuted fracture, or gunshot
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mortem record related l)y Dr. Crookshank was very interesting because it
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given for an antipyretic effect. As a protection for the eyes, the room should
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The fourth section is on ataxy, and ataxy after acute diseases. A case of
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An APPROVED TREE FARM may consist of 15 to 25 acres of beautiful trees — pine,
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a matter of course, but as a rule only, before and after
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the liquid, strained and reduced by evaporation to four ounces, was injecw ^
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possible hope of recovery, still the powerful controlling
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the circumstances in which the patient is placed. In every case
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vened between them and her, we allowed her to remain. She progressed
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almost impossible to decide whether the disease be tKtnsferTL'd from
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After a furlough of sixty days, Captain S was again examined.
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39-42. — Couturier. Typhus auibulatoire ; perforation
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of Arlington, first in June, and again in July. Twelve years ago, the
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meals, one can give 2 drachms thrice daily, as Eustace Smith
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occurs in the inter-arytenoid fold. The anterior portion of
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chain of glands situated on each side of the neck, and the entire
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sive diseases by means of medicines whose action it is possible to understand.
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quantity of free fluid and fecal matter was found in the abdo-
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another surgeon, had proved insufficient. There was no dif-
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be relieved by an operation, as can impaction of the rumen. Upon
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junction with the arm-bone below the joint, before and
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for military neurotic patients will lead to a more general and
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taught us much concerning the prevention and treatment of scurvy,
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complained that they felt that they were pulled over, as though by an
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enlarged, and crammed with abscesses of every size. Ulcers in process of cicatrization