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tincture or syrup, gtt. xv.-xxx. every two or three hours. Where
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Congenital stenosis of the thoracic duct is mentioned by one or
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ment of the thyroid gland which can be detected by palpation at the
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Fig. 14 (H. L. Family). — The first authentic case in the family is Pellagrin
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sanized serum intraspinally. After two treatments pain and vomiting dis-
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Kenvers records {Berliner Minische Wochenschrift, XXYIL, p.
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But digitalis has only a temporary effect, though it may be sus-
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universal testimony be regarded as an example of health : yet even the
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the gland that it is a true secretory gland, the secretion from which,
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bearing upon diagnosis, especially in acquired cases of syphilis. In
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some light on the etiology or exact nature of her condition. These,
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heim in a case of locomotor ataxy, the patient exhibited some of the
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toms are, however, readily distinguishable from those which occur
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of sugar and acetone falling rapidly to almost zero. The decrease in
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Fig. 13. — Photomicrograph, X 275, showing changes in the dentate nucleus ;
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toms in addition to the erythema. In B (Fig. 7) the mother was
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registered shortly before death. Hun and Prudden 7 mention one case
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the veins, or those in whom there is developing at slow rate some gen-
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trunk, especially the upper part, were innumerable minute petechial hemorrhages,
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such case being the predisposing, and muscular effort the determin-
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the hypertrophied muscle is able by increased work to meet the in-
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tions of chyle ; the vessels were injected as far as the attachment of
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sion of the disease process. Certain infections, notoriously diph-
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ule and papillary muscles, which occurs in consequence of the
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and yet there may be no special signs of cardiac failure, only a gen-
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The true murmur of organic disease stands in definite relation to
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Romberg slightly positive, ankle clonus on the left side and ataxia of the arms
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operation as did those cases in which the urobilin output was perma-
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records furnish twenty-five examples of this combination. The elec-
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induced in animals with their leukocytes thus destroyed and with their
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This was done according to Bordet and Delange's 18 method. They
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ulcers of irregular form, with sharply cut edges, and portions of
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ments also showed depression. The decrease in the amplitude was
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the aorta. The pain in many instances radiates down the left arm or
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salt diet were given. The urine was collected under toluol and at the
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Phthisis has always been a sort of battle-ground for the believers in
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on a farm in North Carolina, twenty-five miles from his daughter's family. The
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