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to 18 per cent. Again we must repeat our caution as to the validity
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is still coagulable ; the Bedimenl presenting, under the microscope, the same charao-
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The name angina is singularly inappropriate as applied to this disease,
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Street was a boy aged 5, who had lived in this house since 1910 with
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of the affected synovial membrane. The extent of this varies greatly, and
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ing until the sixth month ; she was worn almost to a frazzle, and I
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at each visit, but could not discover the shghtest trace of an efflores-
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life, for all life is various and touching; he can tell us queer and uncom
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cure of the disease. It is true that, in common with
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ivproduced within the body ; that is, they are communicable diseases.
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1. These three genera, as demonstrated by Matruchot and
tissues can be conceived of. In most of them the part was devoid of
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measles, pneumonia, typhoid fever, cholera, plague, tubercu-
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beings or lower animals, is often a matter of the highest
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it under fifth-nerve affections, although he says that there is no
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as tuberculous. The unverified cases reduce the number to 65,
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do not fail until late in the disease. Sensation is unaffected.
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to protracted and irremediable suffering and a miserable deatli,
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filaments may also !><■ observed in it in various stages, as is the case "with
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after a delay of five minutes in order to permit the anaesthesia to
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without dividing the external coat of the vessel or interrupting
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consecutive to, and dependent upon, the dysenteric affection, and that
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part of the acetabulum, and twisted around and behind the neck ; but
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