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and that that did not necessarily mean centralization
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superficial affection, resembling the ((//)//os, except in its colour ; it is
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peculiar to the inhabitants of particular countries — native diseases, as
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heart muscle and the peripheral nerves. This effect
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respectively, azote and nitrogen being the same gas.
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its Allied Complaints. For History and Literature, Address
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Carcinoma, Acute Perforation in Gastric — Modlin 187
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NITROUS ACID. This, and azotous acid, are names given by
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from various species of Pinus and Abies. When the product contains
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CHLORALAMID-SCHERING, the new hypnotic introduced a Uttle
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mechanical contrivance by means of which the voice can actually be
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diseases of the nervous system. For particulars address
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MEAD JOHNSON & COMPANY, Evansville 21, Ind., U.S.A.
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substance which has been ground into minute particles.
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tact. A body in wliich the katalytic force resides resolves others into
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SOLAR PLEXUS. An assemblage of ganglia, which are distri-
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be superior to other remedies generally adopted. The dose varies from 1 5 to 40 grains, and
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A'CRIDA (acris, pungent). 1. Substances which make a sharp
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BLUE, TURNBULL’S. Fcrrocyanide of iron; a beautiful blue
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H^MO-THO'RAX (oV«, blood, Owpa^, the clicst). Hcemalo-
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articulation, as that of the humerus with the glenoid cavity.
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two posterior cord-like processes of the medulla oblongata.
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the spine, or limbs, when they are bent from tlicir natural form.
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manufacturers of lithium silicate concrete hardener
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“ his face is all bubukles, and whelks, and knobs, and flames of fire !”
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Cases, Dis. Nerv. Syst. 5:236, 1944; Myerson, A.; Prolonged
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foetus with the placenta, and consisting of the umhilical vein and the
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a mixture of two substances, differing in tbeir proportion with the age
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j: it pushes directly through the external abdominal ring.
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stetric condition were such that it was possible to in-
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ticular disease is not to be adopted; such treatment is, in fact, contra-
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and is tlie result of inherited constitutional syphilis; keratitis suppu-
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But it's hard, you must admit it, to be worried from
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i iarly sonorous, and plated, and held so as to reflect sound into the
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It is not until the volume has been carefully read, and perhaps re-read, that its true
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Case C. C. C.: “Tightness in throat, unable to breath,
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NESSLER’S TEST. A delicate test for ammonia in waters, con-
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OTA'LGIA (out, d)Tos, the ear, dXyos, pain). Otodyne. Ear-
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bandage. Hence the term fasciolw cinere®, applied to the gr.ay sub-
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1. Urticaria febrilis. Febrile nettle-rash, mai'ked by severe consti-
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and in every instance from healthy children, with unquestionable
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per cent) were treated in the first attack; twenty-
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render the oil more easily diffusible in watery liquors.