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four years before admission into the hospital, when his illness

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placed in the abdominal wall defect. His post-operative

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(2) Alice W. Right hand much smaller than the left ;

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power, has made some object to the conclusion, who had not

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tion of a fair and objective nomination procedure if the So-

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were lax, and allowed a partial backward dislocation, as the

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table and significant means in which to increase the physi-

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difficulties listed above. Hopefully, this concept will be

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appearance evidently made of convoluted vessels ; and in by far

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agreed, seeing the very unfavorable prognosis of such cases,

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shape. The extent of the enlargement could not be made

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up as usual and went to his employment, and though in the

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Also, they assist probation and parole officers in pre-sentence

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and IVP in all children with UTI under five years of age. In

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Medical plans. It is particularly useful to provide money for

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statements but were not confirmed directly with the de-

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sleepware; nitrosamines in cosmetics; and asbestos, which

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Sect. 91. In chapter III it was observed that the structure

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4. Maternal Mortality — James P. Thompson, M.D., Chair-

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Executive Committee, it would have been impossible to

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could separate the coats of the lymphatics, Adenographia, cap. iii (lxiv).

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the cervical region have a different pathol >gy.

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Myositis Acute Polymyositis Primary Myopathy Pseudo-Hypertrophic My-

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therapy. 3 At that time it was felt that bleomycin dose was

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carcinoma (mixed embryonal-teratocarcinoma) who devel-

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within the precincts of the larynx proper, and came under

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his internship at Elizabeth General Hospital and engaged in

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" The subsequent history of this case is only one of almost

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(10) Decreased because the 1978 AMA Annual Convention is being

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blood from au animal at the lieight of the disease on the fourth day of

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halves of the thyroid cartilage being held asunder with blunt

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normal. Into it runs a large dilated artery that pulsates

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cian, division of cardiology, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx,

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active or quiescent are classified under the active category.

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morning ; when, after twenty-two hours and a quarter, it was

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against its validity, that I had myself heard him since that time

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as a mucous fistula. Post-operatively, the patient had a very

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and others^ (1903) found that the frequency of infection with all

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cholesterol depressing effect is brought about by the binding

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understand that the constant backward pressure of a short

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Society for 1885, and in a hip- and knee-joint, which we have

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