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tients, either imminently threatened with pneumonia,
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report the results of their extended study of the comj)arative value
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heart-sac in any animal— fork or bayonet wounds, shot, wounds
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The cerebral arteries occupy the foremost place in this relation. Owing
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and was left lor dead on the field of battle. The wound had penetrated
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epigastric, umbilical, and left hypochondriac regions, and simulating a
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teased and bullied, but bears it all with stolid patience until his wrongs
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Definition. — A condition characterized by the presence in the substance
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moment : the point to be considered is, whether its death was due to causes
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der assumed a different geometric form, and we were thus
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fore mentioned in connection with the treatment, I have
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By the administration of nourishment in such quantities as the stomach
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" Invisible." Lastly, by the use of two words of the same import —
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this class ;is being due directly to tie lilinnih-n t ami inhalation
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often due to ulcerated and catarrhal lesions of the intestines, and particularly
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Supplied: ‘Dyazide ' is supplied as a red and while capsule, in
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that it may be absent, and that a patient may go about with one
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cases. Tight-lacing, as a general rule, when it affects the liver, pro-
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amovo-inamovible) of which the author does not appear to be aware, are evident ft.
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volved by the lesion, seem to have been in such close proximity
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ditis— Phenacetin : Methacetin— Potassium; Feb-
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partial anaemia does not generally occur, since a collateral circulaticm
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This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of med-
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pressure, and not continued too long. Much good may often be accom-
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If the meat is spoiled or if there is other cause for objections on the
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Dr. Strieker lisw ropciti-dly olis<'rvi-<l this. It would
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Thyroid function, revealed by radioactive iodine tech-
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Curie are now perhaps the best known. The discoverers of the
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brass tube, four inches long, containing a spring. There is a ring at one
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nature's effort at repair. This prevention of collateral circulation
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knee, decided itching of the parts. The patient felt very
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with a high degree of accuracy to spare critical structures inside the brain becomes the
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the stomach, are, whether it be idiopathic, if, indeed, it ever be
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Peognosis. — Guardedly favorable. The disease -runs a
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that patient now, many years after the operation, is an admirable musician.
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(AIDS), AIDS-related complex, or serologic evidence of
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near Cooter's.- Four of Beall's children were attacked
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developed in his right testicle ; it gave him no pain or incon-
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these reflexes were present the cord was certainly not
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