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were passed upon it in early years by those who professed to be its

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Mrs. Merrick, the wife of a tobacconist, charges Dr. Hunter with

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retically) be produced by the softening of the paracentral lobule and

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This case is submitted, without any comment whatever. It tells

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They may be so situated and so small as to produce no symptoms. As

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of lead, constitute an appropriate treatment for this stage. Nume-

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DEFINITION. A condition of the brain characterized by accumula-

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Of these the most important is the first mentioned, at least if the in-

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blood, thiough the constricted arterial valves. Fourth. Suppose the

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junctivitis and a diphtheritic inflammation of wounds should lead to a

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parent origin in the side of the pons ; its deep origin is in a nucleus just

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has been either restless and wakeful or fatigued and listless. There may

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the frequent occurrence of high-colored, acid urine with high specific

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with the cause. If the latter be an infection, the treatment is that of the

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the peritoneal cavity through open Fallopian tubes. They may also pass

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in others. The same statistics show plainly the difference in the typhoid

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I ascribe to the assiduous application of cold water.

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by continuity and contiguity eventually form a membrane which may

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hepatic function, and constipation or diarrhoea are often the result of

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adults, a part or all of the contents of the stomach are easily and quickly

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be deep-seated pain as well, and the nerves, at first usually the ulnar

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TREATMENT. The treatment of fatty infiltration of the heart is that

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Hemorrhage may take place into the spinal cord itself, constituting

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This variety of inflammation of the stomach is due to the introduction

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that of the hand. They are of a red color, erythematous, at the outset,

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face is pale, the skin is moist, and the pulse is usually increased in fre-

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sign of such perforation. Eesonance may replace hepatic dulness, how-

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Elliot. The occurrence of a complicating fat-necrosis may be announced

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diseases will be found under their respective headings ; that of catarrhal

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tation of this older prescription may be made by using as a vehicle for

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right side of the heart in the foetus, and in the left side of the heart

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He suggests that the presence of this parasite should be sought for in

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both breakfast and supper, and three ounces each of meat and bread

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The treatment between the paroxysms should be directed against

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freedom from care, and the enforced diet and exercise, but natural min-

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MORBID ANATOMY. The products of chronic inflammation of the skin

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tis Mesoneuritis Multiple Neuritis Sciatica Inflammation of the Facial

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all diseases being, without doubt, attended with alteration of structure ;

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kidneys, are usually unaccompanied by other inflammatory exudation.

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