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while inoculations of portions of the lymph nodes into animals was attended
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de Brandebourg, Simon Paap, and Tom Thumb were myxoedematous
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failure of the left heart from obstruction. The temporary use of the remedy
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it is a most valuable sign, although frequently absent, as, for instance, in some
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than the normal in amount, and retains a low specific gravity, and if casts
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tions be made by the senior examiner in any city or suburban district, and
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Fig. 8. Four years old, beginning of thyroid treatment.
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Definition. — ^Achondroplasia is a disease of fetal life^ early infancy,
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patients small doses of colchicum are most useful. Guaiacum and potassium
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I do not think any of the families have been studied with sufficient care
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sion. The heart is not hypertrophied. These facts, at variance with the
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undergo a careful routine examination, which should include examination
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in which this atrophy appeared to him as a symptom of Thomsen's disease.
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Two affections with many points of similarity to Raynaud's dbease, ery-
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and swollen, and finally disintegrating; fatty changes may occur, and some-
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XXVI. Observations on some points relating to the Phy-
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the congenital form of osteomalacia of adults. These newborn infants are
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such as repeated attacks of infectious troubles, malarial fever, oft-recurring
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IHIS..I, iiMi„..,|i,-,t..v jiri.T nniiiiinf ,it lull s| I i„,- jilMMit tliiv.' iniiiMl.'
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which these or previously known laws depend. The dis<'overifs of
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greatly, and are somewhat indicative of their composition. On these,
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be passed. The other view limits the amount of water, contending that
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In the winter the cyanosis may be extreme, and when there is much exposure
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'Irawn backwards becomes banked up over the laryngeal opcnitig. This
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of certain bones. In severe cases there is a marked affection of the whole
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!'•■- '!'•!. '|., ,. 1. 1. IHI'I . ,1 II.. I In ,!■,., 1 ■I,..!,, I 1 I. Ill I., . .|1,,.,,, V,.,|l I.MllK ..I. Mill. I
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able to satisfy himself that compression of the en-
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..r.linary ehemieal tests in fr..m f..ur t.. six h..urs aft.'r th.' op.Tation.
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rence. The mammary glands are usually more or less atrophic, but some-
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that all types of acidosis entail the utilization of ammonia as reserv.-
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so-called villous arthritis may result, which in some cases is most marked.
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salicylates, but no particular drug has as yet been found to offer any especial
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briefly described, and in corroboration of the truth,
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manifestations of the disease are wrongly diagnosed as due to trauma. It
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■ liaiisrcs ill the ciiiiiiiiisiiion of the IiIimmI siipplyiiii; it, so also is tliat of
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first, the more acute forms, remembering that what is to be a chronic arthritis
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goitre. It is especially likely to occur if iodine is used in excess, and the
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follicles of various shapes, containing large "chromophile" cells with both
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stituted nervous system. Syphilis and alcoholism may be considered as
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sickness, unless the pressure was siid.lenly lowered. Many times also, ii
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examination is old or has undergone decomposition in the bladder. That
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(•\eiy one en^Mi:e<l in the stinly of life jilienoniena whatever the natllie
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