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arsphenamine and neoarsphenamine may cause an infection to revert
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Tumors of the Brain. — These growths within the brain are rare
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Growth and Prosperity, National Legislation ; reports of Special
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overloaded with fibrin. Such cases are not uncommon, and are, we have
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which invigorates while at the same time it involves neither injury nor
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of silver, or of dilute sulphuric acid on ferrocyanide of potassium.
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be separated from it, leaving the membrane underneath, in a
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action. Calcium chloride completely inactivates these mixtures.
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eliminated, either having undergone some subsequent
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PROGNOSIS. Of 18,592 cases aggregated by Murchison, occurring at
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Many old cases are brought up to exhibit their pro-
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inent than usual at the place of placental attachment." (Barnes, Obstet.
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in 33 over 60 years. Of 756 cases, 334 were men and 422 women.^
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From a small number of cases these writers estimated the average
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Medicines ought not to be given to children, for worms, merely on sus-
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must be honest, and confess, that we have ever been deterred
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gives us " heil," or more directly "heal ;"thus we have "to heal," or make
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man had been struck over the ribs on the right side in the region of
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the atmosphere, I shall have to abjure any pleasure-trip;
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tions comparing the newer Noguchi system with the system which
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injections of fluid cultures and the dangers associated
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scription is given of the different electrical apparatus that may
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country. Mothers are afraid for their children. Men
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or not there is any reduction of alkalinity has not been determined.
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fertile as one femme Corte, wife of a poor agricultural labourer,
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less walk properly. No boots could be worn, and his stock-
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adhesion with the opposite Burface, This constitutes the white
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tends to persist even when the cause which gave rise to it has ceased to
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Cases, good and bad. — The good Cases of Acute Rheumatism, or those