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cubic centimeters of salt solution caused death within ten to twenty
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may be made to reduce the pressure in the pulmonary circula-
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tremely tenacious, and the paroxysms so frequent and severe as to greatly
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that had been used during the fall by the three fraterni-
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1949. Ingraham, Norman R., Jr., Stenton and Whitemarsh Aves. (18)
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of sugar in the sweat, there is great liability to acne spots,
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bowel and some neighbouring organ, and thus averts the impending cata-
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British Medical Journal.] PROGRESS OF MEDICAL SCIENCE.
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Mitchell, and they will appear in The News at inter-
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the tongue of a fire-engine and the wall of a house, mash-
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cient basis of accurately observed clinical facts. Some of
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Dr. GiBBos ; Delta ; Dr. J. E. Morgan ; A General Practitioner ; Pr.
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rather from actual contact. I'us-producing germs gain
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sensation), and Genus I. (increased action of the muscles) ; to-
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manifestations were hysterical. Death from an intercurrent affec-
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agreed upon, but it exists in far greater proportions relative to the
expression of basic fibroblast growth factor its receptors and syndecans in bladder cancer
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temporo-sphenoidal lobes ; but it usually spares the convexity, or afi'ects it
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the twenty per cent, ointment, was performed locally, and
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terms for each minute alteration in function certainly cannot
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a higher station in society, a majority will be found who have
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curvature of the cornea, as well as abnormal curvature, position, or density of
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septum, middle turbinated and floor of the nose, re-
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As regards the nervous and circulating systems there can be
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duct into which the cystic duct enters lower down, as in human beings. None of
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from some nervous lesion, want of memory or some symptom of paralysis^
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disease. Doubtless later, the other pyramidal tract
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and matters of mere taste, fashion, or caprice, in which
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any city, village or township, the mayor or common council of any city,
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be tl \rA^*eA^po%i-piud. J. V. C. SMITH, M.D Editor. Iti^iaMu pubilKhedm Monthly Tans, oit ilie
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tract, as in that mentioned (p. 148), the diet will receive proper
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water, 1 litre. He uses this solution freely for washing out the bladder, with
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in examinations of nervous cases which practitioners would not
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increased the value not only of the condensed edition,
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of calcium. He was led to use the chloral externally to
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thirst, and prepared the organs to resume their functions under
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pneumonia;" " one, took typhoid form;" "one in 300 cases,
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recorded by Mr. Todd, a soldier by accident so fell upon his bayonet, that
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Dr. McLaughlin — Do you mean to say the advantages of being house surgeons are not