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hexone bases and their derivatives; sulphurous bodies, such as mer-
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inflammatory process, or when mortification of the inflamed
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applied to the deeply seated carotid of an animal possessed of
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must be combated ; belladonna, strychnia, arsenic and iron are the
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Cardio-vascular cases are quite common. There were sixty-five
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and the balance between the basal ganglia and the cortex became disturbed, so
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of amoebic dysentery and when such an individual has to do with the
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To call some of them inflammation and others cancer, supposing the first
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purred. The signs of respiration have been sufficiently well developed to
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the history of innovation in the realm of anaesthesia
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severe cases blood persists for a longer period. When ulceration of
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to one-half inch of the second and third branches of the
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normally possess. Preceding the solvent action occurs an aggluti-
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is at hand, when, without appreciable cause, and without warning, some
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time than is customary, if it is to be relied upon. For this purpose all
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might die before we had delivered her. For her condition was a typical
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try. The longer these facts are ignored, the greater will be
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Second injections of horse-serum in animals may also be followed by
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2. The Involution of Life— A Scheme of Pathology. Robert
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of nearly the whole of the opposite anterior pyramid. These may be
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It is the business of pharmacology to combine drugs in
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It is to be noted that Tillman, called attention at
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Although our knowledge of serum disease is almost entirely
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but, by causing less fluid to be swallowed, prevent the diabetic
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reported. Ten deaths from the disease were reported in tho
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skin lost this dryness and became moist; this loss must
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The past year has done much to establish the opera-