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Thus complement-fixing bodies were demonstrated in six out of seven
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still the glory of mankind ; and a multitude of particular evils is merged
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in April, 1916, in which he also expresses the opinion that the positive Was-
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proctitis, local or general, was characterized by evident
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with serum, and that of 60 to over 80 for cases of the same age not
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jections were used, I may state that, in addition to the usual
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posite side of the abdomen to the spleen. Glass tube
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ford, Conn., on September i6th, at the age of forty-six
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physical health and condition the great aim and object of the
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brain in that class. It is most probable that it arises from some
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diseases has commonly led to the patients being entirely
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the stimulations excited in the gastro-intestinal mucous tissue to
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performed the operation to such an extent that it was positively forbidden.
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For Vir/'-lWHi(/'ut, Dr. S. G. Webber, of Boston. F«»r
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The second explanation was advanced by Cruveilhier, who,
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severe dyspnea and tickling, and scratching sensations with
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Canada (now the Montreal) Medical Journal for twenty-
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why not study the beneficial and injurious effects of
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gauze, which was renewed in the vagina every second
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development, digestion, assimilation, nutrition, secretion, excretion, and of preserving a defi-
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Central Nervous System: Lightheadedness: mental depression manifested by insomnia,
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neau's diphtheria. Nor did he consider the bacillus as
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For here, as is continually the case in Medicine, experience
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recorded and carefully-observed cases or case which in the least
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his constant indebtedness to the great, work of La Roche, in treating of Yellow
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diagnosis of headaches, says of migraine that it occurs on both sides of
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I have in mind a number of cases in which the patients
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The patient should certainly be required to enter the
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but otherwise normal : the microscope showed increase in fibrous
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fluid or stones, when the cystic duct is occluded by inflammation or by
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m^'driatic. He finds it is three times more powerful than atropia, and can
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latter render the tissue-soil receptive to the former, and once the process has
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from risk as published cases would tend to show; and
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