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deposits, which may remain isolated for a considerable time, but generally

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and 42. These characteristically have aneuploid mitoses,

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and Dr. Ringland. King's Professor in Midwifery : Dr. E. IS.

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for both alike the most prominent predisposing cause is advanced age. At

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forty-two died. The third epidemic lasted from 1837 to 1840,

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Candidates already on the Register will receive the Diploma

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1921, the last record year, has the death rate been so

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surgeons of the house was called for, but the patient died before, we are

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armed with a knife, was inserted into the urethra, and when the

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It is so when associated with sterility or painful menstru-

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9. Typhus Syncopalis, or Sinking Typhus, or the Spotted Fever of

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usually fissured, the disease invades the inner surface of the cheek.

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quently run on into ordinary entero-colitis, when the

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aged thirty-three, had been on a cattle ranch in the United

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after the extirpation of various glands of internal secretion. They

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raise the depressed bone and no further examination was made. Both ears

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patient may be up from the third day, but should keep his room for a week. I

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Railway Association, etc. Third edition. P. Blaklston's Son & Co , K"

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rax, etc. The^rst has a well-earned reputation, and

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me for strumous tarsitis and swelling of the mesenteric glands.

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brief duration in proportion as its administration is begun early and is

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until the patient reaches the post mortem table ; but

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and granular degeneration are well shown. The neutrophilic gran-

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cipitate with an albuminous fluid. It is therefore much more readily absorbed,