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such application is necessarily refused ; the sufferer is

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ment speaks for itself in the diphtheritic cases which

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matic fossse. The periosteum of the neighboring bones, and even the

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tracted course, owing to the slower effect of the douche.

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this resolution to the Committee on Public Policy and Legisla-

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interesting paper embodying the results of his experi-

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the case of fusion of the leg bones there was no ossification of the foot.

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I had procured, at an India-rubber store, a day or two previously, a

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be often observed in man after a ligature has been placed

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in her back, over the left scapula. The tumor rapidly

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sent. The second case came under my observation through Dr. J. Griffith

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ing excitement that they could not be persevered with ; while in

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ification of tartaric acia, occurring in a crystal-

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requirements, and that is one of metal which doect not oxidize,

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face. The stitch then had the form of a V, the apex of which

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In March, 1866, 1 was again summoned ito attend Mm ; I found

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receives a blow from a club in the hand of some other

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portant purposes on a larger scale, but circumstances have

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4 months are necessary to eflfect a cure. It appears also that

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elements of various dimensions, and in the central part are

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ances closely resembling those of true cholera, no com-

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25% of all cases and consisted of errors in both direc-

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on which account the Lyons method was again adopted.

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by antitoxin. Evidently the crude diphtheria poison contains certain

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ence of opening the abdomen before making the diagno-

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preferred chloroform to ether. He had used chloroform in

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I would make more careful efforts to get round the foreign body and loosen it

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osteomalacia might be cured by an ovarectomy. Indeed, the fact that