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The opposite danger, that of prolonging too much the period of rest,

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Aspergillosis of the ear is not rare in the tropics. Syringing with

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treatment of diseases, skiagraphy, etc. Such a trans-

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effect was the production of some small papulae, which quickly

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To Egypt and Rome succeeded the Arabian, Mohammedan

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be entirely separate and distinct. If the Sanatorium for Tubercu-

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another class of men who devoted their energies to col-

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mentioned, after the abscess of the scalp had been dealt with marked

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tallized substance, fusible at 76° C, and boiling at 214P, At Prof. Swartz'»

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were reported by Dr. Eve, at the meeting of the Royal Medical and Chi-

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garded as a wound infection. The specific principle is contained in

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in solution is nonirritating to the tissues, prevents the development

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ing which many patients experience from pain in the back and

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of life out of dental work, which will not give them any

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like circumstance. Hence the reason why rains are heavier in sum-

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one year of age, 1 2 cases, with 4 recoveries ; 33 per

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at the placental site presents a large wounded surface, and these lesions —

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ning of the urethritis. 4. Orchitis produced by a wound or by

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will only say in addition, that by carefully observing the position of the

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as frequent and as extensive as among the Greeks and Romans,

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concerns about the cause of the pain, and to have believed

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disinfect the intestine. It has been shown experimentally that "by calomel —

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stenosis complicated with aortic insufficiency is not so difficult. [The " Flint

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