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Vol. XXXVIII. LOUISVILLE, KY., December 15, 1904. No. 162.
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drocyanic acid; Potassium — Cyanide of Potassium; and
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wound in the heart had partly cicatrized. (See ' Med. Gaz.' vol. 47, p. 42.)
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from carcinoma in microscopic appearance, though some observers have
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of British obstetric authors. — Edinb. Med. Jourti.
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may be that Bacon, orthodox Churchman as he believed him-
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Arch. f. Ophth., Leipz., 1891. xl, 5. Alitli., 2,2-246, 3 pi.—
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or in extreme cases by tran.sfusion. The efficiency of the first
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them referring to post-mortem findings, and twenty-
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