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consulted Dr. Hull, in New- York, who applied the new hinge truss with

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glomerulus. Distinct fatty degeneration, with swelling of the

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had ravaged the islands within that period, not one person died

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Treatment was begun with arterial stimulants and iodin, but

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tially in a destruction of the ultimate axis-cylinders.

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manufactured so much anti-toxin. It was for this reason that I did

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901. — Liaudcr (E. S.) Rupture of tbe eyeball, with re-

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meable and impermeable strata, and the depth to reach them

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Various sensory phenomena are apt to arise in the course of mania,

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be bent less, not more, and the result would be a reversal

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At the Royal College of Physicians of London there was no examination

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saphena vein at the upper part ; its course seems to be

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"Without reverting to the conjectures, which in passing I

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Nicoll, Henry D., 51 E. 57th St., New York, New York Co. Founder.

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Distribution at Autopsies. — Councilman has found the diphtheria

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No rule in medicine or surgery has fewer exceptions than that the

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mercury. He said it might be tried, but that he thought it would

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lar muscles. .Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., Bait., 1889-90, i,

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plan of treatment, according as the singularity or gravity of these circumstances

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antiseptic paste, " Bipp," which he rubs well into the wound.

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taught us much concerning the prevention and treatment of scurvy,

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excess either in food or wine, and passes away as the cause

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" falling leaf," " wing over," and other stunts can be readily analyzed.

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excised. This showed the processes of repair and destruction

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but the incision was brought farther forward than usual,

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there is muscular twitching and even convulsions, the case is

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