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dem, Leipz., v. 22 (23), 15. Nov., pp. 728-732. [W% W% W°.]
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IIoffmaun''s Ano'fyne, or, as we now call it, the spiritus retheria sulphuric!
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tell what I am. He says it " agrees with his views." — What views ?
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prostration, anxiety, and precordial oppression, were frequently
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surgical operations during the last five years has averaged about seventy in each year.
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It is sparingly soluble in cold water, but dissolves quite easily on
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ness of vision. The oedema and jaundice increased. The bowels
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treatment, and was informed that she had a uterine carcinoma
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JBoBedow^s disease is iax more common among women than among
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Resolved, That this Committee consist of eight gentlemen, one